Boxes and Bears
709 Commercial Ave  Anacortes, WA 98221
MAGIC Ikoria Prerelease Kits available May 15 - call in your order 
See our FB page for curbside pickup Fri and Sat from 10-2 pm  email OR pm on FB 
We can only fill preordered items

We have lots of jigsaw puzzles and games 
We are currently closed thru May 31 and beyond

Please stay well.
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Specializing in Board and Card Games, Dice, Jigsaw Puzzles
Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, 
Anacortes Games

Now that you have your toilet paper and hand sanitizer well stocked, don't forget at home activities like jigsaw puzzles and games!  We've already done the stockpiling for you with a huge selection to choose from.  Here are a few of our newest puzzles
White mountain and Ravensburger and Pomegranate Puzzles
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